Waterfront Capital, Inc. (WCI) provides a broad spectrum of financial advisory and consulting services to small and middle-market businesses. We have substantial corporate finance and operational experience in technology enabled software, records and information management, document destruction, information technology services, and offsite data protection.


We offer one-stop shopping for our clients. Our services includes merger & acquisition advisory, consulting (sales & marketing, financial and operational restructuring), and valuation & fairness opinions.


WCI was founded on the premise that our fiduciary duty to our clients requires that we provide focused, objective and seasoned advice and execution. You can be certain that your best interests are our priority.

We combine knowledge, experience and dedication with client-focused, relationship-driven principles to deliver capabilities, advice and professional execution at the highest standards, allowing you to make the right decisions throughout the process to insure your goals are met.


Our central tenets of trust, fiduciary responsibility, honesty, commitment to superior results and a willingness to share risk, drive every aspect of our practice and partnership with you.

Our Advantage

Unparalleled Experience
  • Comprehensive approach
  • Hands-on capabilities
  • Proven strategies and results
  • Metrics and analytics

360° Industry Knowledge
  • Buyer relationships
  • Valuation insights
  • Market understanding

Professional Culture
  • 24x7 access
  • Focused representation
  • 10 - 10ths on every deal, every time

Proven Results
  • Over 200 successful transactions
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Every client is a reference