The WCI Approach

Preparation and Planning

  • Understanding your business and goals
  • Positioning before the sale
  • Educate and guide owners through the sales process and agreements

Development and Analysis
  • Perform due diligence
  • Prepare company and market analysis
  • Prepare confidential information memorandum (CIM)
  • Prepare financial analysis

Marketing & Bid Solicitation
  • Design a sales strategy
  • Secure confidentiality agreements
  • Distribute CIM
  • Manage buyer responses

  • Evaluate and rank bids
  • Stimulate pricing
  • Review bids with the owners
  • Negotiate and execute letter of intent
  • Manage due diligence

  • Negotiate agreements and contracts
  • Assist through transition
  • Conduct post-sale accounting wrap-up


Pre-Sale Positioning


A positive selling experience is dependent upon effective pre-sale tuning of your business; we know how.


After hiring a qualified advisor, one of the most important and overlooked moves you can make that directly impacts the ultimate price received for your business is pre-sale positioning.


Selling Considerations


  • Your objectives and priorities

  • Market conditions

  • Credit market considerations

  • Historically high multiples

  • Higher sales proceeds through advisor-assisted sales process

  • Structure/Price/Value/After-tax Proceeds

  • Timing

  • Sales agreement terms and conditions

  • Tax considerations

  • Non-competition agreements

  • Employees

  • Real estate considerations

  • Transition