"Waterfront Capital delivered a purchase price for my company far exceeding my expectations and also crafted a creative solution on the real estate that improved our outcome dramatically. In my opinion there is no one that matches Waterfront Capital’s commitment to its clients or its understanding of the market for companies in the industry. Once selected they worked hard to understand my business as well or better than I understood it so they could present the company in a manner that would encourage the active buyers to recognize the inherent value of the business, thus increasing its price. They kept the process on track and did not allow the transaction to get derailed or slowed by the due diligence and paperwork that can suffocate a transaction. Despite my extensive legal and transaction experience, WCI was invaluable in structuring the final purchase agreement offering valuable insights and advice into the representations and warranties and indemnification provisions in the transaction documents that minimized my post-closing risk."
- Neil Mizner, President, Metropolitan Archives


“WCI successfully led us in a process through challenging market conditions and got it done at an outstanding price. Their experience in every facet of the deal paid dividends.”

- Leon Kroll, Archives Management, Inc.



"Waterfront demonstrated fiduciary responsibility beyond the call of duty. Their advocacy on my behalf transcended the relationship they had with the acquirer of my business. In addition, in a single month they came to know the intricacies of my business better than I did."

- Gordon Naughton, President, JH Bennett, Inc.


“Waterfront Capital understands the vending business like few people in the industry. Having bought and sold vending businesses, they get the operational and financial drivers and they know what it takes to get deals closed in any environment.  They are hard-nosed negotiators and more than earn their fees while protecting your back.”

- Scott Boynton, Great American Vending


“Selling our vending business was challenging; compounded by deteriorating credit markets and a shrinking industry.  Waterfront Capital left no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure that our sale closed successfully. My partner and I felt that our interests were well served. The Waterfront team is experienced and easy to work with. I recommend them to any owner considering selling.”

- Harris Willman, Automated Refreshment Services


“Before engaging Waterfront Capital, we tried for two years to sell our business. Waterfront Capital quickly produced results. They had the process nailed; from packaging our business, delivering multiple competitive bids, negotiating a complex transaction during a volatile economic period, and closing the best deal. They were invaluable.”

- Mel Mohr and Steve Sfugaras, The Document Bank


“WCI understands valuation, financials, negotiating, and deal structure. They made sure my sale was tax efficient too. I would absolutely use Waterfront again.”

- Mark Barretti, Accurate Document Destruction, Inc.


"I am an experienced businessman, yet in selling my operation, I was glad to have WCI find a buyer and negotiate the terms of the sale. They were on top of each phase of the deal and guided me through a very complex transaction. I am very satisfied and strongly recommend them."

- Jim Smagala, Pro-File Business Records Storage


"I have worked with Waterfront Capital since 1996 on a variety of deals and business ventures. They advised me on the sale of two businesses, the JV of another, and provided counsel on start-ups and other opportunities including real estate transactions. They are very sharp guys with keen business instincts. Their advice is always well reasoned; I want them on my side of the negotiating table every time and would recommend them to anyone interested in selling their company.”

- Doug McCraw, Data Archive Services, Inc.


“The sale of my business just wouldn’t have happened without Waterfront Capital. The final result achieved all my objectives, plus I learned nearly as much about the industry as I had running my business for the last 15 years”.

- Bob Slettedahl, All Valley Document Storage, Inc.


“WCI adds serious value. They know my industry, the buyers and are very tough negotiators. I didn’t plan on using anyone to help sell my business, but I am glad I did. Waterfront Capital paid for themselves many times over and protected me from risks I didn’t even know existed.”

- Warner Fleischman, American Vault – Data Vault, Inc.


“Time is money. WCI is smart, focused and very efficient. Waterfront Capital is every bit as good as their stellar reputation.”

- Jeff Hamra, Titan Private Security Vault, LLC


“WCI’s knowledge and contacts brought about a very positive and timely outcome.” Retaining them was the best investment I ever made.

- John Griffin, Archive Services, Inc.